She is around 7 years old and a perfect little lady.  She is very shy when you first meet her, but when she loves, she loves all in.  She will spend the entire day sitting next to us with just a paw touching, or snuggled on our chest or lap.  Her motor is loud and […]

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If you want an eight year-old, young-at-heart kitty that plays and runs through the house chasing toys like a kitten then Tortellini would be perfect for you. This sweet girl will curl up next to you while you sleep and sit with you on the sofa while you watch TV. She loves to be brushed, will […]

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Richard, a short hair black tabby neutered 7 year old male is looking for a forever home.  He has been an only child his entire life and is very affectionate to his people. Living arrangements are unacceptable at this time for him to remain with his current family.  He loves to be near and he […]

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Frank is the sweetest most cuddliest cat you’ll ever meet! He’s so handsome and when you look at his side profile he appears to be smiling. He is up to date on all shots and is declawed in the front paws.The only thing with Frank is that he truly needs to be a one animal […]

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Teddy/Theodore is a 5 year old male domestic short-hair. He is a social and loving cat that thrives on attention and affection. Originally from Japan, Teddy has huge green eyes and is very talkative — he will let you know when he is hungry and/or needs attention! Due to several recent moves Teddy has exhibited […]

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Poodle is a very independent yet “loves to be noticed” black and white 12-year-old female cat. When given the opportunity, her curiosity jumps into full force and she will sneak (or jet) outside to explore the wide-open road.  She keeps a low profile and returns back, only on her terms of course. So, she would […]

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