Two cats are better than one!

Cats were once thought to be solitary animals. The fact is that they are social animals that benefit from interaction with their own species.

Here are 5 reasons why you should think about adopting two.
  1. Two kittens keep each other entertained and occupied and provide much needed companionship for each other.  Adopting in pairs allows them to socialize with their own species, providing social and mental stimulation.
  2. All pets thrive when they receive lots of attention and love and are more likely to get destructive and get into trouble if they are bored when left alone. Two cats offer each other exercise and playtime.
  3. Veterinary studies show that cats living together are healthier and live longer.
  4. Adopting two cats often comes with a discount. Ask for our adoption specials.
  5. Adopting two cats that are buddies, a bonded pair or introducing a new friend to your kitty saves lives.  You will be providing a forever home and saving two lives.

Our adoption specialists can help you find the right pair or friend for your kitty.  We often have pairs that are bonded, kittens from the same litter or we can recommend cats that have the same temperament that can be paired or will be a good fit with your cat.