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Milo is a total sweetheart. His foster mom says it was hard to get a picture of him because every time she approached him with the camera, he got up to rub against her legs and then is in constant motion. He is very social and seems to enjoy just hanging around the humans. He loves petting […]

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About Courtesy Listings

The cats listed on this page are being rehomed by their owners and have not been taken in by CARE. By devoting space on our website, we hope to help these cats find homes. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, please do not contact CARE – contact the owner as listed in […]

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A lovable cuddlebug, Alfie likes to relax under windows and watch the world go by. He’s one year old and has the softest fur you can imagine. He’ll happily “make biscuits” on your tummy and let you know when he’s interested in pets. He’s okay with other animals, though may be hesitant about other cats […]

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Kitty Grey

Age: 6 years Gender: neutered male Training: litter box trained; never claws furniture and always uses his scratching post Other pets: no cats, please; no experience with dogs Supplies: current guardian will provide a new scratching post, pet carrier, one case of Kitty Grey’s favorite food, one bag of dry food, all medical records and […]

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