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About Courtesy Listings

The cats listed on this page are being rehomed by their owners and have not been taken in by CARE. By devoting space on our website, we hope to help these cats find homes. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, please do not contact CARE – contact the owner as listed in […]

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Wow! Look at this gorgeous, sleek as steel, plush fellow. He has an enormous, fluffy tail, big bright yellow eyes, and and even bigger, brighter personality.  Steel is very communicative, active, and interested in the whole world. Constantly on the move, so it is challenging to capture the magnificence that is STEEL in one still […]

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Jack Sparrow

  Total HEARTTHROB, Jack Sparrow is a 2-year-old buff tabby with dreamy eyes and a classic “tomcat” jowly face. We can’t say enough wonderful things about this irrisistible sweetie.  He was in a kill shelter suffering terrible entropion in both eyes, but never once, did he lose his happy spirit. After successful surgery and recovery, […]

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Prissy is a beautiful white cat about 2 1/2 years old with one blue eye and one yellow eye.  She can be shy and would love a quiet environment where she can explore on her own terms with a safe haven she can go back to whenever she gets nervous.  She does not like to […]

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Gray and Gritten

Gray and Gritten are two domestic short haired silver felines that closely resemble Russian Blues. They have been joined at the hip ever since Gray had her little kitten, Gritten, and they do everything together! Gray loves to flop over and be rubbed on her belly and Gritten’s favorite thing to do is watch birds […]

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Desmond & Fontaine

Desmond and Fontaine, two beautiful brown tabbies about 8 months – more tiger cats than little domestic shorthairs.  They are both just gorgeous and have a real “Big Cat” look to them. Desmond and Fontaine are very interactive with the world … love love to play with toys, climb cat trees, etc. They are sure […]

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