She is around 7 years old and a perfect little lady.  She is very shy when you first meet her, but when she loves, she loves all in.  She will spend the entire day sitting next to us with just a paw touching, or snuggled on our chest or lap.  Her motor is loud and always running.  She even purrs in her sleep (when she isn’t snoring).   

Martha is incredibly clean.  You will never know when she uses the litter box because she smooths it after use (not joking).   She loves to sit high above everyone on her cat tree.   She plays with toys and has several treat puzzles that she works like an expert.  We can touch her belly, feet, face, tail, all of her- she is very easy to be around.  She can tell time.  At meal times she will sit by her bowl, patiently, until fed. 

Martha is very hard of hearing.  It doesn’t impact her ability to communicate or understand her world- she has adapted beautifully.  She might startle when you approach her, but you can play your TV and music as loud as you want.  She will sleep right through it! 

She is current with her rabies vaccine (due for booster next summer) and is spayed.  She is healthy.  She does have feline herpes which can make her eyes water and sometimes her nose run (it is not contagious).  She takes medicine if you need her to- and is food motivated.  I think that would be your way to her heart- treats and wet food, yummm!  She is indoor only but enjoys our screened porch.  She has her claws and is not microchipped.  She is a current patient of Colonial Vet Hospital in Henrico.  

Martha needs to be the only cat in the home.  She is fearful of other animals and shows it by being aggressive with them. She has never been aggressive with either of us or any human.  She hides when we have visitors.   Of all of our cats, she is the most compliant getting into a carrier and going to the vet. Our vet comments every year what a wonderful patient she is.    

Martha deserves to be the Queen Bee.  Someone’s one and only.  We think she would thrive in a home with someone who can dote on her and not have the stress of other cats living with her.   We also think that small children would startle her because of her hearing issue.  I think she would be better with adults or a family with older children.  She has never been around dogs in our home. 

 It is not for lack of love for this sweet girl, she is loved beyond words.  If she would be content in my office, she could have stayed forever.  

She means so much to us and deserves the whole world of happiness.  Thank you for reading!

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