Teddy/Theodore is a 5 year old male domestic short-hair. He is a social and loving cat that thrives on attention and affection. Originally from Japan, Teddy has huge green eyes and is very talkative — he will let you know when he is hungry and/or needs attention!

Due to several recent moves Teddy has exhibited some stress in his new, smaller environment and would benefit from an experienced owner, a larger home and someone with more time to give him the love and attention he needs. He has spent some time around other cats and will acclimatize well given some time and patience. He has grown up around dogs and is comfortable around them, although will be anxious initially when introduced to a new dog. It doesn’t take him long to want to snuggle up next to them for a nap though.

Teddy has be neutered and is up to date on all his vaccinations. He has also been microchipped with HomeAgain. He experiences anxiety and stress upon vet visits and has calming medication/sedatives to facilitate trips.

There have been two occasions when he has bitten someone because he was scared or anxious, but this is not typical of him. He benefits from a calm, stable environment with plenty of love, attention and play time. He likes to play with other animals, a laser pointer and fishing line toys.

If interested in adopting Teddy please contact Anna at 901-254-3409