What to do if you have lost your cat


  • Do a thorough search of your house, inside and out.
  • Ask your neighbors to check their garages, sheds, under their decks, etc.
  • Look under brush and treed areas within a mile of your home.
  • Put something with your scent on it outside.  Cats can smell very well and it may bring your kitty home.
  • Put a dish of your cat’s favorite canned cat food out.  This may bring your cat out of hiding.
  • Put up physical signs in your neighborhood.  Include a good picture and description, a contact number and name.  Use social media.
  • Contact veterinarians in your area. Post your flyer if possible.
  • Contact local animal shelters.  Visit to check if your cat is there and provide them with your cat’s picture and a good description and location.
  • Microchipping your cat and keeping him/her indoors is the best way to ensure their safety and well being.
  • Post on all lost pet sites (listed below)

Additional lost pet resources: