Poodle is a very independent yet “loves to be noticed” black and white 12-year-old female cat. When given the opportunity, her curiosity jumps into full force and she will sneak (or jet) outside to explore the wide-open road.  She keeps a low profile and returns back, only on her terms of course. So, she would be best suited as an indoor cat. Poodle has lived with a male Schnauzer for most of her life and two small children for about 7 years and has not had any issues.  However, when it comes to cats, Poodle really needs to be the only one. She does not play well with her own kind. 

You can often catch Poodle napping in a warm patch of sunlight, on a plastic grocery bag that you were about to use, or snuggled on the sofa right next to you. She has been well loved as she is spayed with no medical issues and all vaccinations are up to date. For more information please contact either:

Jennifer, jpbrooks531@gmail.com or 804-852.8775 (call or text)

Morgan, morgeporter@gmail.com, 804.678.8240 (call or text)