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About Courtesy Listings

The following cats are being rehomed by their owners and have not been taken in by CARE. By devoting space on our website, we hope to help these cats find homes. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, please do not contact CARE – contact the owner as listed in the cat’s narrative. […]

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Here is Gypsy is in her forever home! Her adopter says, “Gypsy is doing great. She is a love bug and is always with me. She is a dear kitty and I am so lucky to have found her.” We are so grateful for happy endings like these! […]

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Benny (formerly Freddie)

LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS FACE! Benny (formerly Freddie, adopted October 2018) is obviously living the life in his forever home! We love happy endings like these! […]

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Submit Your Alumni Story

We are always glad to hear how well our rescue cats are doing in their forever homes! After all, we have come to know and love them too! Send us a picture and let us know how your new family member from CARE is doing. We’d also love you to share your alumni story with […]

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Sputnik (formerly Spunkee)

I adopted Sputnik (formerly Spunkee) in November 2017 after he had been in a foster home for over a year. He had been overlooked at adoption stands due to being shy, and after reading his story, I decided to meet him and take a chance.  He immediately fit in with my resident cat, and now […]

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In Honor of Gigi and Taco

Donation made by Kellie Free “In honor of our cats, Gigi and Taco, that we adopted through Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, we are pledging a donation so others can adopt a cat and see how they can help fill your life with joy!” […]

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In honor of “Apollo”

Donation made by Amy Williams in honor of Apollo. “I adopted Apollo (now Cosmo) in April of this year from CARE. What a character!! He has such a big personality and is a wonderful addition to the family – Thank you” […]

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