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About Courtesy Listings

The following cats are being rehomed by their owners and have not been taken in by CARE. By devoting space on our website, we hope to help these cats find homes. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, please do not contact CARE (unless noted) – contact the owner as listed in the […]

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In Memory of Harry Douglas

Donation made by Geri Douglas in memory of Harry Douglas. Harry was well loved by his human mom, Vicki Douglas, and his many fur brothers and sisters….Cal, Olivia, Lily, Dot and Harrison. He will be missed greatly by all! […]

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In Honor of Apollo

Donation made by Amy Williams in honor of Apollo. Apollo is now “Cosmo” and was adopted from CARE 2 years ago. He is a goofy, entertaining , now 4 year old, tuxedo kitty. Can’t imagine life without him!!! […]

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In Memory of Panda & Shadow

Donation made by Donna Wagner in memory of Panda & Shadow. Panda, my baby girl, you are missed so much. Twenty one years is still not long enough. Shadow, you were your name, always by my side. It was hardest letting you go. For 16 years you were my greatest joy. […]

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