Filly was an abandoned kitten and actually found me August 2016. As soon as Filly spotted me, she followed me and immediately jumped into my car. Per our vet, Filly is approximately 7 years old. Filly is very sweet and has never shown any kind of aggression toward anyone. Filly is shy at first with people she doesn’t know. Sometimes it takes her a while to warm up, but when she does, she’s friendly and affectionate. There are several reasons why we have to rehome Filly. We recently sold our home and have to move out mid October and move into a rental home for eight months while our new home is being built. Unfortunately, the renter does not allow cats. Secondly, we adopted our third daughter several years ago and although she is in her late teens, Filly hasn’t adjusted to her since she’s energetic and boisterous at times. Filly is very special to us and it breaks our hearts to rehome her. Filly would be better suited in a quiet home with no more than 3 people and no other pets or young children.
Filly is a Domestic medium hair, female, Gray cat.
She is up to date on all shots, spayed and declawed.
Please do not contact CARE Please Contact: Sharon Thaler