Fig – male, neutered, petite cat, tuxedo coloring, short fur All 3 cats (Mustachio, Fig and Fluffkins) get along with cats, dogs, kids.  Mustachio is good friends with Fig. They all like to go inside and outside and they eat dry food.  The cats are friendly.  Owner is moving and can’t take them with her. […]

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Some things to consider before adopting a kitten

Ah kittens, such cuddly, adorable, tiny fluff balls! Adopting a kitten or two can be a very fun, rewarding, and worthwhile endeavor and can lead to a very loving companionship. However, before adopting, here are some things to consider. Raising kittens requires a lot of time and effort, so before adopting you will want to […]

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Enkay (N.K.=New Kitty) is a female 9-year old domestic long hair with brown and black coloring. She was rescued when she started to camp out in the backyard. She is a good girl and loves to eat and play. She meows when I prepare her food each day. She also sat next to her cat daddy […]

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