Some things to consider before adopting a kitten

Ah kittens, such cuddly, adorable, tiny fluff balls! Adopting a kitten or two can be a very fun, rewarding, and worthwhile endeavor and can lead to a very loving companionship. However, before adopting, here are some things to consider.

Raising kittens requires a lot of time and effort, so before adopting you will want to ask yourself if you are ready for such a commitment and, especially, if you have the time to devote to it. A lot of people don’t know just how much social interaction and handling kittens need. Some people say that kittens only have two speeds: zooming or sleeping. Kittens love to play, play, play so having a variety of toys ready in your home is a great idea! Having a selection of toys such as balls, feather wands, and interactive toys can keep them occupied for hours.

Kittens are also very curious creatures, so before bringing one into your home you’ll want to kitten-proof your home. You’ll want to make sure any plants or wires they could chew on are inaccessible and you’ll also want to make sure any choking hazards have been cleared away. If you have any breakable knick-knacks or decorations within their reach, you’ll want to move those too. Lastly, have lots of cat scratchers so that they have somewhere to sharpen their claws that is kitten appropriate.

Also, what sort of household do you live in? Do you live alone or are there others who can help out with taking care of the kitten? It takes a village, which makes things easier for you and more fun for the kittens. If you have an active household you may want to consider adopting a kitten that is active.

Another thing to consider is just how much time do you spend out of the house? Nowadays a lot of people are working from home, so while they still have a job to do, they could most likely keep the kitten in the room they’re working from and supervise it that way. However, if you work long hours, or you just aren’t home much, then perhaps an adult cat would be a better fit for you.

Now that isn’t to say that adult cats can just be completely left to their own devices. There are a lot of people who believe that cats are aloof and anti-social, but that is certainly not the case. Adult cats still very much enjoy playing, cuddling, and just spending time with their humans. Bonding with a cat is a very special and precious experience, that enriches both the cat’s life and yours.

Having a kitten or a cat as your companion can lead to a very long-lasting and positive friendship. For me, my two cats are a huge part of the family and my life. You just need to make sure you’re ready for it, that you can provide for the cat, and make your home the best possible one to live in!

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