Simpkin (Helping Paws)

Simpkin is a very sweet and affectionate boy. He is happy curled up next to you receiving endless head rubs or resting quietly on his own. He is very laid back and is fine with other like minded cats and dogs. Unfortunately, though, Simpkin’s owner is too sick to continue to care for him.

He is 12 years old, 11 pounds and in extremely good health. He has recently had a senior kitty blood test done and dental exam, all of which were healthy. Also, he is current on all vaccines and has been receiving physical check ups twice a year.

This very loving boy deserves a great home! If interested please contact Alyssa at 757-775-1522 or email at

Please note that this is a Helping Paws cat and has not been taken in by CARE. However, we are trying to lend a “Helping Paw” by devoting space on our website to help this kitty find a home. We encourage you to verify with the listed owner that the cat’s medical information is current.