Pawley (Helping Paws)

Hi! My name is Pawley and I’m 6 years old. I’m a pretty typical cat. I love to lay in the sun and to chase imaginary objects. I’m also very easy going and I get along with everyone, even other pets, although I’d probably do better in a single pet because I can be very jealous. I’ve never met a stranger so I’m not shy when it comes to leg rubs and free neck scratches.

I’m what they call a Hemingway cat because I have polydactylism, which is a very cool anomaly. It means I have an extra toe on each of my back paws, giving me 20 toes instead of 18 like your typical cat. It looks like I’m wearing mittens, even in the summer. They say they’re not opposable, but I disagree because I can I definitely grab my toys with ease.

I like attention, when it’s convenient for me but I also like my space so if you adopt me, please make sure you have a couple places I can curl up into a ball and even catch some rays. I’m also litter box trained so there are no worries there, declawed on the front (so please keep me indoors), neutered and current on all my vaccinations and stuff. I thought I should point those boring things out. Please come see me soon because I’m ready for a new family.

If you’re interested in being a part of my new family, please call me at (804) 357-0906 or (804) 301-5564.

Helping Paws

Please note that this is a Helping Paws cat and has not been taken in by CARE. However, we are trying to lend a “Helping Paw” by devoting space on our website to help this kitty find a home. We encourage you to verify with the listed owner that the cat”s medical information is current.