My name is Madeleine and I am a ten-year-old orange and white calico female kitty with the cutest face! I am very independent and quiet and tend to be a bit reserved. But I can also be very friendly when I am in the mood! Although I don’t enjoy being brushed, I do like to be petted and given kisses. I love when my mommy talks “baby talk” to me and I talk right back! I especially like taking care of my companion kitty, Jimi. I am quite a mothering type and enjoy grooming him and snuggling with him most of the day. Every now and then I get excited and have fun running up and down the hallway and tossing toys in the air. My mommy got me as a companion for Jimi and we would love for you to take us both together into your home!

Please contact Kristen @ if you’re interested in adopting me.

Helping Paws

The cat in this listing is not being fostered by CARE, simply because we do not have enough space in our foster homes. Inquiries should be made to the cats’ caretakers (contact information is listed in the narrative). We encourage you to verify with the caretaker that the cats’ medicals are up-to-date.