My name is Jimi and I am a twelve-year-old, loving, affectionate “black and white spotted cow” male kitty who loves people! My favorite things to do are snuggle and eat! I love being brushed and snuggled and especially like being kissed on the head. I have several catnip toys that I hold, groom and play with and snuggle like babies. I enjoy jumping on rattly paper and chasing toys and laser lights. I also love sleeping on shoes! My mommy got me a companion about 8 years ago because I am so social and get lonely easily but she passed away recently and I’m having a difficult time without her! If you are able to take me, I do well with other animals and even get along with dogs. My mommy has taken good care of me all these years but unfortunately, she is unable to care for me and give me the attention I need because she is gone a lot during the day due to her job. She wants someone who will love and care for me for my remaining years even though she can’t. I would love a busy household with several people and even other animals. I am quite the extrovert! Please consider taking me into your home! If you are interested, email Krista at curegirlkjh@hotmail.com