In Memory of James


James passed away late at night on Saturday 6 Sep 2014. Based on what the cardiologist told us about the various possibilities, it appears that it was quick and painless and happened while he was sleeping in his favorite spot. 

He outlived all expectations from his cardiologist and veterinarians in more ways than one. 

James’ last day was a good one: In the morning he laid in a sunbeam. Then politely tapped for Amber to move her elbow out of the way so he could get in her lap. In the afternoon, he tried to swipe pork sausage from Amber’s plate when he thought it was safe. Then, he jumped up to the sink to ask the faucet be turned on a “drip” so he could play / drink from it – a favorite pastime. In the evening, he purred and rubbed against Amber and Jim while walking the back of the sofa. He was full of personality and character to the end. 

We love and miss him so very, very much. 

We’ve gone from a 2 cat household to zero in 6 weeks. 
The absence is overwhelming. 

You know what it is to loose a once in a lifetime cat. 
In the near future, after we heal, we will begin looking to adopt and we will call you. 

Many hugs!!! Love you and all you do for kitties!