Helpful hints on litter and litter box care

Kittens – use clay litter only! Clumping litter can be eaten and cause obstruction in the gut

Kittens 6 months and older and adults – use clumping litter

Litter boxes:

1. The size of the litter box should fit the size of the cat (a large cat needs a larger pan

size and older cats may need a box with lower sides to access)

2. Scoop and clean out the litter pan at least twice per day (wet litter and stool). Cats

are very tidy and clean animals. They like a clean litter pan and will not use the litter

box if dirty.

3. Some litter boxes are covered to cut down on scattering of litter. Some cats take to

this type of litter box & some do not. There are mats that can be placed around the

pan to cut down on litter scattering. Covers and mats can be wiped down

periodically with bleach or Lysol wipes. Or, hose down either outside or in a utility


4. Place the litter box in a private or secluded area such as a utility room or bathroom.

Food and water should be at a distance from the litter box if located in the same

room. Cats do not like to eat where they use a litter box.

5. Wash the litter box weekly. Throw out the soiled litter. Soak in a 1/10 bleach

solution for 10-15 minutes. Rinse well with water or a dilute vinegar rinse. Rinse off

the vinegar with water. Cats do not like strong odors in the litter box.

6. If your cat urinates outside the litter box, look for reasons that may be causing the

cat to not use the litter box, such as noise or disruptions from family members or

other pets. Did you buy a different litter lately? If there is no obvious cause, take

him or her to the vet to be checked for a urinary tract infection.

7. It is recommended that you have 1 litter box per cat plus 1 spare litter box. If you

have two cats, you should have 3 litter boxes. Place each litter box in remote areas.

If you have a large house, place a litter box on each floor. Expecting a cat to get to a

single litter box in the basement when he is on the top floor, makes it difficult for a

cat to find the litter box and could cause accidents.