Fred 2Fred’s guardian passed away and left a grieving 12 year old cream point Siamese cat name Fred.   He is a lap cat extraordinaire – he likes to sleep on your lap during the day and under your covers next to you at night.  He loves to be held like a baby.  He is about 13 pounds and has some medical issues that are treated with a dermal lotion in his ear.  He takes the meds very well.  He has a sensitive stomach but does well on grocery store food for sensitive stomachs.  He has a wonderful personality.  He lost his sister, Ginger, a few years ago.  They were close but he has been with his owner alone ever since.  Please consider adopting him.  He is so sweet and needs a home.

Please contact Kris Henderson at (804) 405-1429 or if you are interested in adopting Fred.