IMG_1864My parents adopted this shy stray, fed her, let her come in where she used a litter box, and let her stay outside where she had shelter. She is spayed and had her rabies shot in Jan. 2016.   She can be touched and petted by patient people, but not for long.  She will try to bite on occasion.    My parents have both moved to a memory unit and now she has no home.  Currently she is living outside at their house and is being fed every day.  The house is going to be put on the market and sold by summer’s end.  She needs a home, but would not be a good fit with children.  Please contact pwmcox@comcast.net to find out how to adopt her.

Helping Paws

The cat in this listing is not being fostered by CARE, simply because we do not have enough space in our foster homes. Inquiries should be made to the cats’ caretakers (contact information is listed in the narrative). We encourage you to verify with the caretaker that the cats’ medicals are up-to-date.