Adopt a Less Adoptable Cat

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Whenever a speciality breed cat is added to our website, there is always a lot of interest. For instance, CARE has recieved as many as five applications within 48 hours for a speciality breed kitten. And this is not an isolated incident – people come out of the woodwork to adopt speciality breeds or cats that are particularly beautiful or unique-looking. Yet adult cats or even kittens that are “ordinary” looking are passed over even though they might have more affectionate temperments than that beautiful Siamese or Maine Coon. Don’t get this wrong – ALL cats need good homes, and it’s encouraging that the people that are interested in a specific breed are considering adopting rather than buying from a breeder. But it’s still heartbreaking that it’s so much harder to find homes for cats that aren’t as cute or pretty, even though their personalities are often the most affectionate. Take a chance on an “ordinary” cat – you might find that it’s a better match than a high-strung Siamese or high-maintance Persian. And if you’re not in the market to adopt, please share this image to help less adoptable cats find forever homes.