Give back -become a foster!

Foster homes are always needed as there are always homeless cats just waiting for, alas, a permanent home.  As a foster for CARE, you can provide that positive interim experience which is so necessary for eventual adoption.

CARE will match the abandoned cat to your personality and lifestyle and preferences; in addition, CARE pays all foster expenses.

Fosters are responsible for the love and care of the cats in their homes.  They are expected to provide a secure and safe environment, be able to get their cats to the vet, keep accurate medical records, learn the cats’ personalities in order to seek permanent placements, and provide physical as well as psychological portraits of cats for the CARE website.

Once the cats are ready for adoption, CARE fosters are asked to transport their cats to CARE adoption stands at Petco Staples Mill Rd. at least two Saturdays a month.  Upon adoption, fosters will present a contract with all the cats’ medical information.

Whether you have only a bathroom or a whole home, be it simple and plain or elegant, we would love to talk to you about fostering a cat or kitten. It is a wonderful opportunity to snuggle, play with and provide a warm safe transition to the cat’s permanent home.  Foster training is provided and each foster is assigned a mentor.  To learn more about fostering please call 804-288-9797 or email