Contact information for local shelters and rescues

Local Municipal Animal Shelters

Chesterfield County Animal Control, 9300 Public Works Rd, Chesterfield, 804-748-1683
City of Richmond Animal Care and Control, 1600 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, 804-646-5573
Goochland County Animal Control, 1900 Hidden Rock Lane, Goochland, 804-556-5302
Hanover County Animal Control, 12471 Taylor Complex Ln, Ashland, 804-365-6485
Henrico County Animal Control, 10421 Woodman Road, Henrico, 804-727-8800

Most municipal animal shelters are open-admission, meaning they take in any animals whether they are strays, owner surrenders, or come from other situations. Stray cats and kittens will be held for a certain period before they are released for adoption, usually 9 days if the animal has no collar or identification or 14 days if the animal has identification. For owner surrenders, an appointment and surrender fee is usually required. Many shelters are successful in finding placement for a high percentage of their animals; however, please try to avoid bringing neonatal kittens (less than 4-5 weeks) to shelters, as very few shelters have the resources to care for them.

Emergency Veterinary Centers

Virginia Veterinary Center (VVC), 3312 W. Cary St. Carytown, 804-353-9000  Hours: 24/7/365
Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, 5918 W. Broad St., 804-716-4700 Hours: 24/7/365
Veterinary Referral and Critical Care, 1596 Hockett Rd, Manakin-Sabot, 804-784-8722. Hours: 24/7
Virginia Veterinary Center (VVC) 2460 Colony Crossing Place, Midlothian 744-9800

Local Rescue Groups that offer assistance:

  • Adopt Rescue Cats – 804-262-9592
  • Cat’s Cradle of Greater Richmond – 804-467-6528
  • Chesterfield County Humane Society – 804-717-6236
  • Hanover Humane Sociaety – 804-798-0806
  • Henrico Humane Society – 804-262-6634
  • Hopewell Humane Society – 804-458-7303
  • Richardson Rescue – 387-3758
  • Richmond Animal League – 804-379-0046
  • Richmond SPCA – 804-521-1300
  • Southside SPCA -434-736-9595
  • SPCA of Petersburg and Colonial Heights – 804-526-7722
  • St. Francis Humane – 804-598-6636
  • West End Cat Rescue – 804-751-4501

Feral Cat Groups

If the cat appears to be feral, do not attempt to interact with the cat!  C.A.R.E. does not work with feral cats and suggests that you contact one of the following organizations for assistance:

Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Clinics

Prevent a Litter– 804-359-6369

A.L. Shilling Spay & Neuter 804-368-6232

Loving Spay & Neuter Clinic 804-379-9725

Smoky’s Spay/Neuter Clinic 804-521-1330

Other Resources

Red Rover Domestic Violence ad Pets

Animal Welfare Institute of Safe Havens

COVID–19 Emergency Resources for pets and people