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Poodle is a very independent yet “loves to be noticed” black and white 12-year-old female cat. When given the opportunity, her curiosity jumps into full force and she will sneak (or jet) outside to explore the wide-open road.  She keeps a low profile and returns back, only on her terms of course. So, she would […]

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Plus size lady with sleek body hair seeks a mature human companion.  I’m looking for a commitment, so if you’re just here to play around keep swiping. I’m currently President of Foodies for Life, Bed Hogs Unlimited and the Bird Serenade Club. My ideal day includes sun puddles, crinkle balls, wedging myself into boxes three […]

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In Memory of Maggie

Donation made by Lee Bowman in memory of Maggie. Still miss you, Maggie. I was lucky to rescue you as a young kitten and thank you for 14 wonderful years together. […]

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About Courtesy Listings

The following cats are being rehomed by their owners and have not been taken in by CARE. By devoting space on our website, we hope to help these cats find homes. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, please do not contact CARE (unless noted) – contact the owner as listed in the […]

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In Honor of Sally Facciani Plotkin

Donation made by Sharon (Smith)Marks in honor or Sally Facciani Plotkin. Honoring the 70th Birthday with thoughts for many more birthdays and good health in the coming years. Much Love, Sharon and David […]

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