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In Honor of Berkeley

Donation made by Marcie Walsh in honor of Berkeley. In honor of our CARE Cat, Berkeley, whom we adopted from CARE 16 years ago. He was advertised as a “1 year old lover” and he’s STILL a lover and lap cat. […]

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In Honor of All CARE Volunteers

Donation made by Sheila Lorch in honor of all CARE Volunteers. Thank you, CARE Volunteers, for your exceptional dedication and for taking such good care of these precious cats and kittens! […]

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In Honor of Sarah Perkins

Donation made by Veronica Oberdorf in honor of Sarah Perkins. Sarah is a true and giving friend to people and animals. Thank you Sarah and Happy Birthday!!! […]

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In Honor of Sara Perkins

Donation made by Joan Meyer in honor of Sarah Perkins. Sarah has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have met. Her love of animals touches my heart. Happy Birthday! […]

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