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In Honor of Hobbs and Alli Reid

Donation made by Andrew Reid in honor of “My daughter, Izzie Chandler was very happy to have found the two kittens that we adopted. Hobbs and Alli are very important members of our family. Recently Izzie and her friend baked and sold cookies to raise money for CARE. Please use this donation to help other animals […]

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In Honor of Indigo and CeCe

Donation made in honor of my cat, Indigo, that I adopted last year.  She was fostered by CeCe, who was so kind and caring in helping with getting Indigo settled into my home. Laura Rice […]

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In Honor of Don Kendrick

Donation made by Pat Jones in honor of Don Kendrick. My donation is in honor of your handsome green-eyed son Samuelson! Wishing you, Terri and family a Merry Christmas! Love, Pat […]

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