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In Honor of Stretch & Binx

Donation made by Ashly Paraham in honor of Stretch & Binx. Every year, my company (Colliers International) does a chili cook-off where our employees pay $5 to try chilis from those who volunteered to cook and all proceeds collected get donated to the charity of the winner’s choice. Well this is our seventh year of […]

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In Honor of Khaki

Donation made by Evelyn Jez in honor of Khaki. CARE Volunteer Carolyn Kelly saved tiny Khaki from an area kill shelter 18 years ago. Carolyn brought Khaki to us and we have been her loving family ever since until this past Christmas when it was time for her to join the rest of her cat […]

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In Honor of Gigi and Taco

Donation made by Kellie Free “In honor of our cats, Gigi and Taco, that we adopted through Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, we are pledging a donation so others can adopt a cat and see how they can help fill your life with joy!” […]

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In honor of “Apollo”

Donation made by Amy Williams in honor of Apollo. “I adopted Apollo (now Cosmo) in April of this year from CARE. What a character!! He has such a big personality and is a wonderful addition to the family – Thank you” […]

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In Honor of Amy Tankoos

Donation made by Sophie Coffey in honor of Amy Tankoos. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the cause! You are a true kitty lover!! […]

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