Our Volunteers

Our volunteers perform a variety of duties. Many are foster parents, others work on our Newsletter design and publication, some “do” TV spots, many “work” the adoption stands and special events, others aggressively handle fundraising events and our grant writing. We have volunteers that help us with public relations and marketing. And, we even have several men who don a Santa costume in the fall to be a part of the PetSmart “Santa Claws” photo shoot fundraising event. Whatever your interest or talent, we can put you to work! Please read on…and seriously consider making a commitment to help CARE save the animals.


Foster mom Connie enjoys an evening out with CARE volunteers.   She is at the adoption stand every Saturday taking new photos of the cats & kittens for our website.

Dr. Z.

Dr. Z. is one of the wonderful vets who give our rescue group and treats our fostered animals.  He is examining Emma to see if she is going to have kittens. She had just come from a Kill Shelter where her future was DOOM.  She had her 4 tabby babies about a week later and is doing wonderfully in foster care.

Dr. O.

Dr. O. has spent many nights at the clinic trying to save the life of a CARE cat or kitten.  Once he was supposed to close up and go home at 7 and he was still working over the stray CARE cat at 10:00 PM.  This is a dedicated vet who works with CARE and other groups to give the very best medical care to the homeless cats and kittens (who late find homes).  He is dedicated to curbing suffering and pain and a wonderful part of the CARE medical team.

Ashley and Natalie

Ashley (r) helps Natalie’s new mom complete the necessary adoption paperwork.

Kim Williams

On January 3, 2007 CARE’s Kim Williams worked the phone lines for WWBT’s Call 12, answering questions and providing information regarding low and no cost spay/neuter programs in our area. Spay/neuter is the proactive approach to ending the plight of homeless and abandoned animals. Thank you Kim!

Amber with Mike Goldberg

Amber and Jim are a couple who share a love of animals. Here is Amber with Mike Goldberg of WTVR Channel 6 and Penelope, a CARE kitten appearing on WTVR’s Paws for Pets segment. Below Jim expertly calls bingo numbers at CARE’s weekly Thursday night bingo games at Pop’s Bingo World .

Daniel and Deanna

Daniel and Deanna foster kitties, write grants & help with other volunteer tasks.


Carolyn feeds an orphaned kitten- one of so many that she has nursed during her years as a caregiver to cats of all ages.


Connie serves as a hostess and provides informational handouts on C.A.R.E. at the 2005 Ginter Park Garden Tour

Spotlight on a Volunteer

A dedicated volunteer (A. R.) prefers to remain anonymous. Not only does she foster, transport, work on fundraisers, and work the adoption stands for CARE, but she gets involved with some of the people CARE meets. Recently, she helped a lady catch a stray dog with 9 puppies (all in the pouring down rain). The mother dog kept snarling and showing her teeth. A. R. made arrangements for a dog rescue group to receive all these dogs. But first, A. R. had to take them to the vet. In the meantime, this lady (who found the dogs) developed shingles. So, our volunteer took her food for herself and her pets and got her car inspected to relieve her of those worries.


Suzanne has an unusual hat as she volunteers at Rikki’s on behalf of CARE.


Kathryn, a longtime CARE volunteer, is cleaning out a cat house at Rikki’s.

Sandy and Suzanne

Sandy and Suzanne appear to be having a light moment playing with the hose, maybe getting a drink. They spent the day at Rikki’s as volunteers for CARE.  Rikki’s is home to 750 unwanted animals from horses to chickens to dogs to cats to pheasants to pigs to beavers……..Rikki’s is home to many animals who are unadoptable.

Our Fosters

Two CARE cats are playing happily in a foster home. They will surely know how to be good pets after having spent several weeks in a “real” home (not a cage) interacting with people and other cats. Wouldn’t you like to foster for CARE?

Our Volunteers- it’s a dirty job!

A CARE volunteer has just delivered an FIV positive cat to a foster home.  This cat needed to be cleaned because he had an “accident” in the carrier.  It almost took a whole roll of paper towels to do the job!  Now, it is up to Lucky Man to complete the job.


Markus, a devoted CARE volunteer,  is assisting a new owner with the formal adoption process.

Andrea Roussell

Andrea Roussell has just finished organizing the Santa Photo “Shoots” at Petsmart.  She just HAD to try on the costume to make sure it will fit our volunteer Santas!

Our First Birthday!

This CARE cat cake was present at the first official meeting of CARE volunteers.  Everyone was very excited about our future plans.This was 2001!

Katheryn O’Meara

Katheryn O’Meara, an avid CARE volunteer and foster parent, is hoping to inspire visitors at the adoption stand to donate much needed supplies.

Channel 6 TV

Henrietta is our first TV star.  She was taped for the morning show on Channel 6 TV, which will be a regular spot for CARE.  Also, we will be on the noon show every Friday on Channel 8, WRIC (appearing live at approximately 12:25 PM).  Our volunteers will diligently arrive at these studios for the tapings and the live shows with a different cat each time. Let’s hope the kitties behave!