Four years ago, Gypsy was abandoned and left to fend for herself outside a local motel.  She searched for the family that abandoned her, hoping they might come back to find h … [Read More]


I am a 4 month old beautiful light brown tabby. I was called Oci because I look like an Ocicat with my exotic looking stripes. I can run like the wind when I want to play. I a … [Read More]


I was part of a feral colony of kitties. Neighbors, fearful for my survival, live-trapped me and turned me over to CARE. I have been in foster care since mid-May and am about … [Read More]

Boo & Sassafras

Sassafras and her remaining son, Boo are the last of a group of kitties rescued from a garage on the busy Boulevard two years ago.  Boo is shy but sweet and likes to hang out w … [Read More]