Brother to Squee

Squinkis loves to spend time outside in good weather but always comes in at night. He is a huntsman and an omnivore and will eat anything from voles, chipmunks to cicadas. He eats what he catches and does not bring home presents. He is skittish, startles easily and takes his time getting to know new people and will need time to adapt to a new environment.  However… once he gets to know you he is like “The Godfather” – he’ll make you an offer you cannot refuse: He will lie on his back and purr for hours and loves belly rubs.

They are bonded 11 year old siblings, male and female, in great health, neutered and up to date on shots.  Squinkis has just the beginnings of hyperthyroidism and takes inexpensive med once a day.

Please contact Sally at 804-291-7510