Sister to Squinkis

Squee came with her brother from a litter of kittens from a family member. I’ve had her her entire life. She is enchanting: Playful, sweet and adoring. She wakes me up by touching her nose to mine each morning. This pair of cats is used to having somebody around and they are both “people” kitties, but not annoying or clingy. Squee is curious and loving.

She is mostly an indoor kitty but likes to go out in the garden for short periods. Likes to be invited to sit in your lap. She likes to play with you and not with cat toys – with ribbon, a branch, etc. She loves to perch on windowsills and bask in sunny spots. She prefers a paper bag or a box over a nice kitty bed. Her brother is her best friend and companion. This pair would probably do best without other animals because that is what they are used to, however they don’t have trouble with any of the other outdoor cats in the neighborhood. Not used to dogs.

Please contact Sally at 804-291-7510