Desperately needing a new home for our 11 year old tortoiseshell due to a baby on the way. We cannot fathom giving her to a shelter, but do not know what we would do if we aren’t able to find her a new home. Although grumpy in new situations, she will warm up with time, patience, and space and could become your very best friend if you allow her those things. Once comfortable, she is extremely social and present (complete with greeting you at the door and following you around the house!), and is very snuggly. Her redeeming social and affectionate qualities balance her “tortitude” personality out well and make her a great companion. Unfortunately, she is aggressive towards dogs and children, especially small children – we are expecting our first child and will not be able to keep them separated in our home. She could live with other cats but would likely prefer to be an “only child”. We have all supplies needed and are willing to do a trial. Please help us find her forever home. 

Please email me at [email protected] or call 804.814.9444 if you think Snooki is the right fit for your family.