This is “Mama” cat. I found her in a drain at the apartment complex where I am currently living. She had a kitten which I was able to rehome. She was also pregnant again, and has has been spayed and released. She is very sweet, loves my dog. She rubs around my legs and comes inside to eat 2x a day. Sometimes she sleeps for a few hours inside (usually under my bed) and she will come in from the rain or cold. She is savvy outside and doesn’t get near cars that are running or cross the street with cars in view. She follows me and my dog on long walks. She loves to be brushed and loves catnip. I am moving out of the country end of October and cannot take her. I would love to find her a home. When she was trapped for spay, the organization told me she must’ve been abandoned as she does not have feral behavior.  Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you so much.

Beth: [email protected]