Mr. Needy and Hunter

Domestic short hair cats, bonded pair,litter-mates are spayed and neutered, up to date on all shots and in good health.  Mr. Needy, the orange one, NEEDS lots of cuddling and petting.He sits on my lap when I’m watching TV, eating, computing. He is the alpha male. Sometimes he doesn’t like being handled, as when trying to trim his claws, so he tries to scratch.  Otherwise he is very tolerant.  Hunter, the grey and brown one, is a great hunter of bugs and twist ties. She is shy, slow to warm up and slightly skittish. She also like to cuddle, but only when she initiates it. The cats keep each other company.  They groom, sleep together, chase each other. Low maintenance.  Both are indoor cats, have all claws intact.  They have never been around kids nor other cats.  They get along OK with guest dogs who are not aggressive.  All needed equipment will accompany them: litterboxes, carriers, toys.  $30 adoption fee/donation to CARE requested.

Please contact Sara at [email protected]