This is Eric. He is currently 8 years old (however will be 9 in about 1 week), is in good health and is up-to-date on all of his shots. He has gone to the vet every year for regular check-ups and has never had any health concerns, in fact at his last visit a few months ago the vet said he was very healthy for his age!

He has not been de-clawed, however has been taken regularly to get his nails trimmed. He likes to rub against you and will let you pet him for a short time but is not a “lap” cat or super affectionate. He has always been in a house with small children and never minded them, however he does not seem to like dogs (at least not initially). He did at one point live in a house with a dog, which he eventually grew to tolerate but it did take a while.

He has been a good cat- never had any accidents in the house or scratched the furniture. I am just not able to provide him the time and attention that he deserves, which I don’t think is fair.

My contact info is: 

Alicia Womble

[email protected]