Chloe was our first rescue cat.

We always resisted looking at the cats and kittens for adoption at the Merchants Walk PetSmart, but that day in November, 1996, something tapped me on the shoulder. I looked around to find no one there but the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. I could not resist asking if I could take her out and hold her–I hoisted her up to my shoulder and that was it for me–

We learned she had kittens and her family promptly gave her up to the Cary Street Vets.  She sat in a cage for over a month until a cat rescue volunteer saw her, took her home and prepared her for the stand at Pet Smart.

We had no idea Chloe would become the mother of all the care kittens we fostered over the ten years we had been with CARE.

As each batch arrived, Chloe would examine each kitten, wrap her paw around each and proceed
to clean each one. They loved it–and Chloe loved it–and we loved seeing all of this happen.

An unexpected benefit from Chloe’s time with us was her presence at the Board Meetings. Chloe sat on the bar stool and listed attentively to the board members around the table.  She even voted with the help of her foster.

Another benefit was Chloe’s radar–she was the most social cat we had ever seen–she had to see who was at the door no matter what….we adopted our kittens out of our home sometimes–they seemed to show best while relaxed–we began to notice an oddity–Chloe would not come to people she did not like, so we took heed, those
people did not get a kitten from us.

Chloe’s most fun was sitting with children on the living room floor–she was at her best one day when two child geniuses (really) were visiting to adopt a cat. Chloe came right to the well-behaved children and sat in each one’s lap as they brushed and petted her. What a delight to witness those exchanges between species.

Everyone loved her–it was a special delight to see our extra tall neighbor David stoop down to pet her and coo over how very pretty she was. And of course, Chloe loved every bit of the adoration she so richly deserved.

She endured the renal failure for a year and went downhill quickly in a week in late April.

Chloe is pictured here with Jack, her last kitten– we ended up keeping Jack because of his terminal heart
condition. When we thought about it, we had been foster mommies to more than 200 kittens in the decade we have worked for CARE but Chloe was the real mommy,and we are all the better for her time with us –17 years.