Ashlyn and Bootsy

Bootsy, the boy, has white paws a spot of white on his nose and a white chest. He is very relaxed and very lazy. He loves lying around and rolling in a patch of sun. Every once in a while when he finds just the right patch of sun, he will roll on his back and keep all four paws up in the air! Very cute. He is loving and gentle and quiet. Ashlyn is our fluffy little lioness, posing and showing how sophisticated she is. She loves to play, mouse on a string is her favorite. She is very affectionate pushing and nudging her nose into you during petting time and sometimes loves to talk. She is more active than her brother and they will often compete for the highest, most comfy spot to rest. We do not know what breed they are but they have been loved and cared for. They are 7 years old and looking for an indoor home. Please contact Brett at [email protected] to inquire about adopting.