Spritz, Sparkle, Bubbles, Fizz, & Pepsi

(All have been adopted!)  We are five beautiful 10 week old babies seeking our forever homes. Our mom was rescued once from the streets during the cold month of January and then again from the pound in the nick of time, just one day before we were born. We have grown up around people and have become very sociable. Named for our larger than life personalities, we love playing with our toys and romping around with each other. We are very cuddly and it is not uncommon for all five of us to pile up on any available lap and fall asleep. Spritz, Sparkle, and Bubbles are all little girls and Fizz and Pepsi are both boys. Spritz and Fizz are very laid back while Sparkle and Pepsi are always wanting attention. Bubbles has a spunky personality but is the one who always seeks you out for cuddles. We need to be adopted in pairs or with another young kitty. We are seeking forever homes where we will be totally cherished.

Please apply online and ask our foster mom all about us.