NoSox, Sketchers, & Grasshopper

(adopted!!) We were part of a feral colony of kitties.  Neighbors, fearful for our survival, live-trapped us and turned us over to CARE.  We have been in foster care since mid-May and have become the most loveable kitties around.  We are all lap kittens, craving tons of attention.  In fact it is quite common for the 3 of us to fight for lap time with our foster mom.  We are extremely lively boys that enjoy romps and playtime.  Being in foster care has given us the opportunity to live with multiple kitty personalities so we tend to get along well with other cats/kittens.   We have gone from wild kittens to awesome little gems.  So with all that being said, we are now seeking that perfect person or family that will love, cherish and spoil us for the rest of our lives.  Are you that special one?

Please apply online and ask our foster mom Connie all about us.